Our Story

Our story is unique to us, but not uncommon to other kids born into families whose parents or grandparents immigrated from other countries. We grew up with our feet firmly planted in two worlds; the Old and the New. Italian was the dominant language growing up, as many of our elders did not speak English. Sunday roasts and hamburgers were as much a part of our diets as chicken cacciatore and the deep, rich red pasta sauces, cooked on the stovetop for hours, that our mother, or grandmothers, cooked. Italian weddings were, and still are, big, boisterous affairs, as were the many picnics we attended hosted by Italian social clubs in The Bay Area.

In this environment, we learned the importance of family, loyalty, and hard work. Our fathers, grandfathers and uncles were fishermen, masons, engineers, and veterans. Our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts raised families, worked in offices, and owned their own businesses. We learned you don’t give up when things get hard, you look to those who love you for support, and you support them right back when they need it.

It is on their backs, through their hard work and sacrifice, that we are the men we are today.

Restaurants specifically, and hospitality in general, is, in its very essence, an extension of all of those attributes and qualities we observed in our childhood. When you come into Brothers Public Kitchen, you are family, we want to take care of you, we may try to offer you more food than you could possibly eat in one sitting, and, most importantly, we want to see you again.

Brothers Public Kitchen is an homage to our family as much as it is attempt at our own American dream; a dream which began on distant shores, wrapped in the hope and optimism of a better future.